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Govandi ke Corporaters TOP 40 Me Bhi Shamil Nahi

Govandi ke Corporaters TOP 40 Me Bhi Shamil  Nahi 

List of Corporater Under M-East ward (Ranks Collected out of 220)

Corporater Ward 134 Shaira FAHAD Azmi  Rank 99 

Corporater Ward  135 Samita Deepak Sakhre Rank 48

Corporater Ward 136 Rukhsana Nazim Siddiqui Rank 60

Corporater Ward 137 Aisha Rafique shaikh Rank 188

Corporater Ward 138 Aisha Aain Khan Rank 204

Corporate Ward 139 Akhtar Qureshi Rank 91

Corporater Ward 140 Nadiya Mohsin Shaikh Rank 197

Corporater Ward 141 Vithhal Lokre Rank 65

Corporater ward 142 Vishali Naveen Shiwale  Rank 46

Corporater Ward 143 Rituja Tari Rank 150

Corporater Ward 144 Anita  Dinesh Panchal Rank 216

Corporater Ward 145 Shahnawaaz Shaikh Rank 196

Corporater Ward 146 Samrudhhi Ganesh Kate Rank 170

Corporater Ward 147 Anjali Sanjay Naik Rank 73

Corporater Ward 148 Nidhi Promod Shinde Rank 78

Apne Ward ke Corporater ki Rank or Report card dekhne ke liye Diye gaye link Per click kare


Mumbai ke TOP 3 Corporaters 

1)  Corporater Ward 176 Ravi Kondu Raja

2)  Corporater Ward 194 Samadhan Sadanand Sarvankar

3) Corporater Ward 08 Harish Ravji Chheda

Mumbai ke aise 3 Corporater jo list me Sab se neeche Rahe

1) Corporater Ward 92 Gulnaz Saalim Qureshi Rank 220

2) Corporater Ward 29 Sagar Ramesh Singh Rank 219

3) Corporater Ward 133 Prameshwar Tukaram Kadam Rank 218

Praja Foundation Ek Aisa Organization Hai Jo Har Saal MLA Aur Corporator Ka Unke Work, Attendance Aur Unke Puche Gaye Questions Ke Hisaab Se Grade Decide Karta Hai Aur Corporater ki Report Card Publicly Issue Karta Hai

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  1. Totally fake report.
    I am from ward no 41 and here our corporator is not even being seemed once in a half year. And most of the public are frustrated from his careless nature towards our ward. Dont know how this survey is held.

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    1. Please Mail us your contact details on nukkadlive24@gmail.com
      Nukkad Team will visit and take ground report of your ward

      Nukkad Team