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Alert High Tide in Haji Ali Dargha Gate Bandh Rahega

 Alert High Tide in Haji Ali Dargha Gate Bandh Rahega 

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Haji Ali Dargha Samundar Mein High Tide Ke Chalte Kuch Date Time Ke Liye Temporary Bandh Rahega

Dekhiye Aaj konsi Date ko Kitne Baje Bandh rahenge Gate

Friday 02-06-2023 gate closed from 09:30.a.m. to 12:30.p.m.

Saturday 03-06-2023 gate closed from 10:00.a.m. to 01:00.p.m

Sunday 04-06-2023 gate closed from 10:45.a.m. to 01:45.p.m.

Monday 05-06-2023 gate closed from 11:30.a.m. to 02:30.p.m.

Tuesday 06-06-2023 gate closed from 12:15.p.m. to 03:15.p.m

Wednesday 07-06-2023 gate closed from 01:00.p.m. to 04:00.p.m

Thursday 08-06-2023 gate closed from 01:45.p.m. to 04:45.p.m

Friday 09-06-2023 gate closed from 02:45.p.m. to 05:45.p.m.

Saturday 10-06-2023 gate closed from 03:30.p.m. to 06:30.p.m.

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