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Important Announcement Low Pressure & No Water Supply Under M-East Ward for 20 Hrs

Low Pressure & No Water Supply Under M-East Ward
Brihan Corporation Shall Be Arresting Leakage on 300mm Dia &  Replacement of Butterfly valve .

Citizens Residing in These Areas Are Requested To Note That there will Be No Water Supply From 2:00am to 10:00pm on 17.10.2023

No water supply

Date 17/10/2023(2:00am to 10:00pm -20 hours )

Citizens are requested to conserve water and there will be water supply with low pressure for next three days from 17.10.2023

Beat no.134
Rafik nagar, Baba nagar, Adarsh-nagar, Sanjay nagar, Nirankar nagar

Beat no.135
Mandala, 20 feet,30 feet road, Ekta nagar,Shivneri Nagar, Mhada Colony, Transit camp, G -M Link Road.

Beat no.136
Kamla Raman nagar, Chikhalwadi, Sanjay Nagar , Baiganwadi road no.10-14,Dumping road.

Beat no.137
Church road, Shivajinagar road no.05 to Baiganwadi road no.10, Raman mama.

Beat no.138
Shivajinagar road no.01 to 05, Church road

Beat no.139
Lotus Bakery, Janata Timber area.

Beat no.140
Gautam nagar, Sonapur road, Bhimwadi road, Shivajinagar signal Buildings, 300 tenaments.

Beat no.141
Sathe nagar,Zakir Hussain nagar, Transit camp,Building in front of M/East ward, Staff/fire brigade Buildings, G M Link road.

Beat no.142
Sathe nagar.

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